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Socks For The Soul, by Nicole Ball

A sock blog from guest blogger, Nicole Ball, a BAM team member:

Socks cannot be underestimated, and I can now officially vouch for this! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d wax lyrical about socks until I met David – an immediate click of personality, experience and timing, a fortunate and happy thing. I have been growing BAM with him ever since 🙂

Socks have never become more important to me! What a genuine difference BAM socks can make – all the salient points are of course there – climate control, moisture wicking, antibacterial – yet for me it is all about their comfort. The ultimate in feeling good for your feet, and if your feet are ‘A-ok’… so are we! Socks for the soul 🙂

A lot of us are on our feet all day, and to pop on a pair of BAM socks still feels like a daily treat for the feet. I love walking my dog to start my working day (who also loves our socks) but this year I walked the last part of the Camino Way in Spain – a few days of 25kms, other days less. We started at Sarria and finished in Santiago. A beautiful walk in many ways.

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I also gave our new Autumn/Winter collection a good testing, and I am really happy to report back that it’s not only eye catching but practical. It sparked a lot of interest from fellow walkers J But the pièce de résistance were in fact my old faithfuls… albeit in our new colours… my BAM socks!

My only worry is that I appeared to have no qualms in being photographed in them, and… in my sandals! 🙂 Amused! Anything to do with being nearly 40?!

However as the weather was chilly at the start of a day but too hot for walking boots in the middle of the day, this combo was perfect! Warmth, softness and most importantly this walking combo helped with the no blister situation. I know it was BAM socks walking those kilometres with me!

The above images show a ‘normal’ morning in my house. The need of my dog to sift and sort the daily selection of sock usage pre our morning constitutional… This has become a morning ritual 🙂

…And finally, the best thing at this time of year… the year’s first fire, warming cosy vibes and, in error, matching socks!! Who would have thought I would have had matching socks and lounge when I first met David? Certainly not me!!

We’d love to see any shots you guys might have showing BAM socks and daily life. Can we make looking after our feet a social phenomenon? The best shots will get posted on our Facebook page – and you never know, a new pair may appear through the post box if you get the most likes!

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