BAM Bamboo Clothing

Back From Budapest

Back from Budapest, the World Masters Athletics Championships.  Predictably this time, in the middle of the pack!  8th of 22.  Not enough quality preparation, but all good fun.  Was a privilege to jump against some big names.  I’d never have stood a chance against the great Russian, Gregory Yegerov in the old days.  Age is a great leveller!

Astonishing performances from older athletes – sub 35 seconds for 200m in the men’s over 80’s.  I bet most of my friends couldn’t do that… including a dive for the line!  It’s a great reminder that we should have the highest expectations for ourselves in future years as long as we take a bit of care now.

I’ve banned too much of any one thing, like endless miles running (hips, knees – convenient, I’m not a fan of endless running), or anything that will grind the hips and knees.  Variety in exercise is everything..

For all of the latest news, results and pure exploration into the World Masters Athletics have a look at their website. You never know you might want to compete.

A couple of weeks into the spring/summer season.  Sales are a bit lower than expected, but the amount each person buys is more, so it evens out.

As we grow and pump any profit we make into expanding, if things don’t go well it matters quite a lot.  But so far, so good.

The guys in the warehouse, led by Lou , and in customer services – led by Emma & Tracy, with Nicole looking after most things – do such a great job. It’s really comforting to know we have such a lovely and professional bunch keeping things the way we aspire to be.  

This leaves me to investigate things like Christmas bed socks and recycled micro fleece and..… finally…… kids bamboo clothing.

Everyone’s been on at me for years to do a kids range and we’re finally getting round to it. Coming in September.  It’s almost as though things are getting organised.


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